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Our news monitoring service covers real time stories across traditional and online publications, blogs, magazines, television, and radio—empowering you to take charge of your narrative.

Our news monitoring service covers real time stories across traditional and online publications, blogs, magazines, television, and radio—empowering you to take charge of your narrative.

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News Website

Newspapers & Magazines

Story Value

Easily identify, rank, and sort the stories that have the greatest potential to affect brand reputation positively or negatively.

Story Value takes into account the approximate audience size of stories, frequency, and position of brand mentions, relative authority of the writer of the story and of the publication or program, objective qualities of stories such as word count, clip length, the presence of bylines, and the presence of rich media within the stories.

Ad Value Equivalency

Estimate the amount of revenue attributed to top articles relevant to your brand.

AVE takes the size of the ad and the host’s rate into account, alongside other modifiers that may affect the objective value of the ad.

Publication Score

Quickly identify and rank the Top Publishers who are talking about your brand the most.

The Top Publishers list is based on the Story Value of each article or mention, as well as the publisher’s level of activity, reputation, and the number of people subscribed to the publisher.

Author Score

Gauge the amount of influence and media leverage of the journalists and influencers who cover stories about your brand and industry.

Author Score takes into account the Story Value of each article or mention, we give an approximation of its value based on the relative importance, cultural cache, authority, or reach of the writers who are mentioning your brand.

What our media monitoring reports include

Performance Drivers

Displays the authors, publishers, or topics that may drive up engagement for mentions of your brand.

Media Performance Overview

Summarizes how much media coverage and engagement your brand received for the week, month, or quarter.

Industry Landscape Analysis

Provides an overview of the most talked about stories in your industry.

Key Topics for the Month

Displays the topics and media conversations that were most relevant to your brand.

News Highlights for the Month

Includes a summary of the top stories about you based on Story Value, relevancy, and engagement.

Competitor Analysis Tool

Benchmarks the media coverage of your competitors against yours.

Better with Media Meter​

We’ll gather stories about you from thousands of sources and save you the hassle of sifting through all that noise, so you can focus on making the best possible decisions for your marketing and PR campaigns.

The Brand
Mention Dashboard

View all the stories that mentioned your brand. View videos, radio broadcasts, and print content that mentioned your brand directly from the dashboard.

The Media
Analytics Dashboard

Generate broadcast media reports, gaining further insights on your brand’s coverage with information such as total article count, top exposure medium, top author, and many more.

Competitor Analysis
and Industry News

Keep tabs on your competitors and stay on top of industry news so you’ll never miss an opportunity to join the conversation.

Discover key features

Everything is contextual

Metrics are computed relative to the brand or topics you are comparing, allowing for better benchmarking.

Contextual | Media Monitoring Services Philippines

Everything can be compared

Contextualize your media analysis by comparing stories across multiple companies, industries, or issues.

Data Comparison | Media Monitoring Companies Philippines

Global filters give you a closer look

Refine your findings to fit your analysis—separate rich media from noise quickly and painlessly with our powerful global filters: including in-text search, date, media source, and filters based on our advanced ranking metrics.

Global Filters | Media Monitoring Companies Philippines

Drill down shows you what you want

Get more out of your insights and analytics. If you find any data point particularly interesting, simply click on it to drill deeper into the data.

Insights | Social Media Monitoring Philippines

It's easy to get started

Monitor and analyze the world's media.

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