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The Importance of Brand Mention Monitoring

Brand building is continuous. It’s not enough to establish your presence, you also have to keep a watchful eye to know the public’s perception of it. Setting your brand online is another story as it comes with certain challenges and puts your business constantly under the scrutiny of online consumers.

According to a recent survey, 72% of business executives are using social media as a valuable source of data and insights that influence their company’s business decisions. Online visibility is powerful, and you can leverage its impact through brand mention monitoring.

Why Brand Mention Monitoring Matters

1. Monitor Your Brand Mentions
Your brand mentions can impact online conversions. Brand monitoring should be a part of your processes because you need to understand the sentiment of people towards your brand. Positive mentions will boost your brand credibility and could help increase conversions. On the other hand, as social media comes with complexities, you have to closely monitor negative sentiments as they may discourage potential customers from transacting with you.

2. Take Advantage of Positive Customer Feedback
Now more than ever, customer feedback plays a key role in online conversions. The testimonials that your customers leave are powerful signals that can encourage engagement and sales. Customer feedback also works as an influential sales copy, so make sure that it’s visible on your website, social media platforms, and landing pages to make the most of it.
NOTE: Aside from customer feedback, trust signals such as professional accreditations can help improve online conversions. They create a positive brand perception and help eliminate questions about a brand’s credibility, so you should make sure they are visible wherever your brand is found online.

3. Make Honesty a Part of Your Sales Copy
Creating a sales copy is like creating a promise to potential customers. That said, you should be able to substantiate the claims that you include in your sales copy. Do not exaggerate or overpromise. The best sales copies are straightforward, honest, and relatable. Keep that in mind if you want to develop a sales copy that can improve online conversions.

4. Sell through High-Quality Images
Images sell, so take advantage of high-quality images. Remember that you are transacting online and web users are relying on the product images you show on your website. A poor-quality picture may hinder a successful conversion. Invest in product photography. Add pictures of products from different angles and make sure that they will be appreciated by online users before they are uploaded.

5. Simplify the Checkout Process
Did you know that shopping cart abandonment is one of the major challenges of online shops? This shows the importance of user experience in improving online conversions. The checkout process should be made as simple as possible. Online shopping should bring convenience. Encourage on-site purchases by eliminating unnecessary steps and adding only the basic required fields in the checkout form. Provide as many payment options as possible and give ample time for the buying process so that they won’t have to start over even when it takes them a while to check out products from your store.

Online visibility is an advantage that can help increase your reach and engage more web users. However, without brand mention monitoring, your online stint won’t be as successful as it could be. You have to know the conversations surrounding your brand and find new opportunities to explore.

Track the digital scape of your brand and understand conversations that affect your image. Get the help you need in brand mention monitoring. Media Meter can track stories that are relevant to you.

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