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Everything you need to know: A Consumer Electronics Industry Report

In this industry overview, we’ll be looking at a bunch of interesting facts and statistics: leading electronics brands for budget consumers, top brand discovery channels for the youth, and game-changing tech from the latest CES show. Knowing these will help you build your communications plan for 2020 and identify the right channels to allocate your budget to. Let’s dive into it and gather useful insights along the way!

According to Statista, consumer electronic revenue and user penetration in the Philippines is set to grow in the next four years. If you’re part of the industry, consider yourself lucky as there’s nowhere to go but up. But this doesn’t mean that you can relax–technology is ever-changing, and it takes just one breakthrough to shake the whole market up. Consumer electronic companies need to stay regularly updated with developments like these to stay competitive. With the Media Meter tool, you can track and identify relevant news and information, whether it’s about your company, competitors, or industry. We’re giving you free access to the dashboard to help you generate data-driven insights and make better business decisions.

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