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Types of Public Relations Campaigns that May Work for You

Public relations is one of the approaches used by brands and businesses to build a positive image toward a specific audience. It is one of the strategies that can help attract new customers, build customer loyalty, and engage a wider audience.

Investing in good public relations is essential to a brand’s existence. However, to effectively leverage its benefits, you also have to delve into the different types of public relations campaigns based on their areas of focus.

Types of Public Relations Campaigns

1. Strategic Communications
This type of public relations campaign involves strategies undertaken by a PR professional. Strategic Communications require a thorough understanding of the short-term and long-term goals of a business. In this type of PR campaign, processes are put in place to send out coordinated messages based on a company’s objectives.

2. Media Relations
Basically, this refers to efforts that are geared towards creating a good relationship with media organizations. This is a type of PR campaign that aims to capture the attention of the media including bloggers, journalists, broadcasters, and others. Its main purpose is to establish a strong connection between a company and its stakeholders. Interviews and press releases are some of the mediums commonly used in media relations as they put clients into the spotlight and help reach target audiences.

3. Community Relations
PR professionals who focus on community relations are the ones who manage the social aspect of a brand and build a positive image through messaging that concerns the environment, education, employment, culture, and other social issues.

Community relations involve direct community engagement. Its purpose is to build a good relationship between an organization and a local community. Campaigns that align the business with public interest are often used to create a positive image of the organization.

4. Internal Communications
The people that work for a company or organization are its most important assets. Internal Communications is a type of PR campaign that aims to make employees the company’s biggest advocates and the harshest critics whenever necessary. It involves the development of programs that can foster employee engagement. It values Internal Communications as much as External Communications is given huge importance. In general, it involves strategies that are aimed at making employees feel valued and properly cared for throughout their tenure.

5. Crisis Communications
One of the most important types of Public Relations campaigns, Crisis Communications helps an organization manage any crisis situation. A PR firm develops a clear crisis communications plan to ensure that a company will be able to take consistent approaches when managing a crisis. With a solid crisis communications plan, it would be easier to protect the positive image of a company. Crisis Communications Specialists will also be responsible for sending out press releases and organizing media coverage to “clear the air” on behalf of a company.

6. Public Affairs
This is a distinct subset of Public Relations as it involves a keen interest in politics and the processes involved in legislative changes. This is also considered a special type of PR wherein a Public Affairs Specialists have to work in sync to provide relevant and compelling updates that can help align the views of the government with the public interest. They also require industry insights and data-driven metrics to facilitate effective communication.

7. Online and Social Media Communications
Social media offers platforms for companies, agencies, and organizations to share content and newsworthy updates. It is also being leveraged by most companies to create a sound reputation and connect with their target audiences. With the help of Public Relations experts, it would be easier for brands to stand out above their competitors. They can direct content strategies that can generate leads, drive user engagement, and influence decision-making processes to favor a brand.

In whatever type of campaign, the best way to achieve your goals is to ensure proper execution. You need to work with specialists who have the knowledge, experience, tools, and data-driven solutions to improve your brand and generate more conversions for your business.

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